Eth botd ba

eth botd ba

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Glorious Axe 2h dmg: 60 - 68 speed: 10 lvl 61 str: dex: 59 max sockets: 6. War Spike dmg: 30 - - 91 speed: 10 lvl req: 63 str: dex: max. Hand to Egh 2. Ghost Spear 2h dmg: 18 the Dying. War Pike 2h dmg: 33 - speed: 10 lvl req: 65 str: max sockets: 6.

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How to Farm HIGH RUNES - Everything you need to know - Diablo 2 Resurrected
Required Level � 69 ; SKU: runeword-weapons-eth-botd-baed-scl ; 24/7 Delivery for PC Gamers. Get your item within minutes with our lightning-fast auto. An eth 3 socket tombreaver (zod-ias-ias) is actually much better for him. For barbs, rares have a greater potential than BotD, but the odds are. Eth Breath of the Dying BA is axe runeword with % ED and +30 All Attributes. We sell from unmade to perfect /53ar. It can be made in 6 sockets.
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