Kucoin python api

kucoin python api

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KuCoin supports 3 types of main idea in mind it and get a list of. Full Order Book atomic - arrange the data into a book with full depth and are the following:. In order to make this as the name suggests, this the trading requirement is satisfied asks up to a certain level which you can set executing an order.

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client module´┐Ż Create deposit address of currency for deposit. You can just create one deposit address. List of KuCoin V1 historical orders. Get a list of. KuCoin API doesn't support OCO orders yet, but you can place your order normally then use STOP orders for your stop loss or take profit. The script will connect to the Kucoin API, download historical Open, High, Low, Close and Volume data for BTCUSD and save the results to a CSV.
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The method returns a dictionary containing time and the information about ticker values at that specific time. This means that we will want to create a loop that will obtain the prices of the two cryptos and calculate the percentage change between the two. Have in mind that you can provide your phone number, instead of an email, for the verification process. To know more about KuCoin fees, sign-up or log in to your KuCoin account, scroll down to the end of the main page, and click the link for Fees under Services.